Monday, December 26, 2011

List of luxury 4WD cars in the top 2011

Looking for a luxury 4WD cars in the top 2011? This is a really good car to buy can sometimes be very difficult for the consumer. In most cases the money is certainly not a problem, the main problem is insufficient knowledge of cars. Now that you have a good 4WD car wants and desires to establish in the luxury label, and then to meet their needs in a variety of cars, no need to panic. Now is a luxury 4-wheel drive cars have the best of several factors, the luxury car interiors, great design, powerful engine, and includes reliability. In the case of a car all-wheel drive in the purchase, 4-wheel drive car or any other automaker as an important factor in safety. In this article, is a luxury, performance and security at the time of the best cars in the names of anyone who has recovered. So let's begin ...

List of 4 wheel drive luxury car

Almost all vehicle manufacturers in the market, introduced a large 4WD vehicle. However, all this great set of wheels and the car to suit the needs of your family should be selected. These waves are creating a market for the latest models.

2011 Honda Pilot

Honda, a trusted name and the date, the company and its customers are not disappointed. The new Honda Pilot, which provides most of the body 12 different SUV. It has a powerful V6 engine is powerful and smooth driving the truck. Car, 4WD, and deferred (front wheel drive) comes from two train options. Cars 4-wheel drive, has 23 mpg highway and 18 mpg (miles per gallon) gives a decent fuel economy. Price Range $ 28,045 to $ 40,395 to start.


This has been a history of producing luxury cars BMW. It's a luxury car in front of the 21 st century high-tech product that has a wonderful heritage. BMW X5 is no exception, is the installation, operation and repair costs in areas like the front - runner. It is a luxury 4-wheel drive vehicles on the road to better technology, equipped with the latest 4WD. Also in rough road conditions, BMW X5 dozens more. Its road grip, while maintaining a strong honduttiddare safe trip. Company cars are definitely a luxury 4WD market, its price, brings the best deal is $ 88,541.

Mercedes Benz - GL Class
Mercedes Benz - GL is not very great, and best of all, it is not small. It's the perfect size for a family of six. It offers a large cargo space and a large selection of GI market has been a variety of luxury cars 4WD. If you have one car that offers the best comfort and never before seen inside the car. If you have a perfect grip on the road and offers more power and a large diesel engine. There is a cost of $ 74,000.

Suzuki Grand Vitara
I and many other critics, has won praise from the Grand Vitara 4WD cars is another great luxury. The car is being targeted for the high and low range is equipped with a full-time 4WD system automatically. American families who came to a high safety rating making accessories. Suzuki Grand Vitara car to check the latest interior and at all times to help the tire pressure monitor is equipped with a tire. It cost over $ 22,000 for a luxury car you can feel that it is in any way. However, the design, interiors, and a driving test to get your attention to May, and is one of the best cars in the snow.


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