Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Awesome of Google Nexus One

The Prime Nexus specifications are so amazing and they all come in an ultra-thin construction, which will be extremely helpful unlike other smart phones and tablets that are bulky, large, hard to bear. I can not think of any need for Nexus specifications of the Government would not be able to deliver! Hopefully this Google-Samsung alliance, Nexus of Government, also performs well on other fronts, such as tactile sensitivity, the LED battery notification, phone design and exterior feel, if you know what I'm doing reference to (read, Samsung Nexus S 4G!) If Apple does not comply with publicity for their new gadget, expect the first Nexus to eclipse iPhone 5 is the successor to the side too! Nokia is also planning to launch its first phone based on Windows. With Google Nexus launch date of the first ever closer, the competition has really heated between the major players in the manufacturing industry of mobile phones.

Google Nexus Prime probably will not have any restrictions to be used as an access point. This means you do not have to pay extra for this feature of the phone, unlike the iPhone. This will give serious competition to the iPhone 5 and a great advantage for Google Nexus government specifications. You know the Google Nexus One was only available through T-Mobile. But, as mentioned above, the Nexus first release date will most likely around Thanksgiving and will be available through your company since Google will be operating with more than one carrier at this time, as AT & T, Verizon and Sprint, along with T-Mobile. I could not thank you enough for Google this gadget awesome!


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