Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Jitterbug Phone Analysis

Jitterbug phones: Features
If you go through the Jitterbug phone reviews, you will see that simplicity is their motto. They are not there to compete with cell phones with additional applications and accessories for mobile phones. The idea behind the making of this mobile phone is to make things simpler. This phone has been designed especially for seniors. Seniors may encounter confusing new cell phones can check out the Jitterbug phones. Because they are intended for simple phone market, not many competitors from now.

The Jitterbug phone concept was developed by Martin Cooper, who created the GreatCall Inc., the parent company that provides wireless services. Jitterbug phones are created by Samsung, according to specifications. They have come with two main models. J Jitterbug Dial and Jitterbug. Jitterbug Dial has a basic keyboard with large buttons that makes dialing a very easy task. Jitterbug J was introduced later. It has Bluetooth capability and a speaker phone much stronger. You can activate the voice dialing service, by contacting customer service. It is also compatible with the text messaging service. There is also the option to enable installation of Caller ID.

These phones are adapted to the needs of people with vision problems. The large, easy to make buttons, large display and easy to read the phone book, speaker phone, ringer, adjustable volume of calls and voice activated dialing are the great features that make using a phone much simpler cellular task for the elderly. It is a simple phone, with "yes" buttons and "NO" and a 10-digit keypad. Another feature that has been announced is the padded cushions. The cell phone battery can last about 11 days in standby mode. When the phone is fully charged, you can easily talk about 4 hours. Given that the buyers would be those who just need the basics, the Internet access option is not available on this phone.

Jitterbug One Touch is another model that only has three buttons that can be used for marking of "operator", "my choice 'or '911'. This can be useful for those who wish to use this phone to make a few calls in an emergency. Operators are available 24 hours a day and can make calls to those on the list the user's phone and connect to any U.S. or Canadian phone number. In addition, these Operators also can add new numbers to the phonebook of the phone. You can also open an online account Jitterbug to add new contacts to the phone book.

Jitterbug phones: Coverage and Plans

As Jitterbug coverage is concerned, the parent company, GreatCall, has agreements with 33 different companies to provide network coverage to your phone. Jitterbug cell phone plans start at $ 14.99 monthly and $ 19.99 for 50 and 100 anytime minutes, respectively. There are other features as add-on minutes. You can also opt for $ 39.99 monthly plan and get 400 anytime minutes or go for the unlimited plan pay $ 79.99 a month.

The plan offers free unlimited access to voice mail. You can also send and receive text messages, but the text messaging service is not included in the calling plan. You may have to pay about 10 cents each time you send or receive a text message. They also have a roadside assistance program. By paying $ 4 a month, you can use services such as towing and starting battery jump, fuel delivery, lockout, flat tire service, and drag. If you ever shut down or run out of gas, you can get help. You can also get medication reminders by paying $ 10 a month, or have access to registered nurses through LiveNurse Jitterbug service by paying $ 4 a month. This certainly seems useful.

Jitterbug phones: Complaints

Well, for those who are used to manage mobile phones are loaded with several features, the biggest complaint in reference to its simplicity. It is a simple phone that can save up to 50 contacts, therefore, is for those who have limited use. It's good for people who do not like complicated gizmos and if you use the phone to call friends and family. So, how basic cell phone has been on the market? Although one would not have to sign a contract, and there are monthly plans from as low as $ 14.99 for 50 minutes Jitterbug phone reviews have been somewhat contradictory. Although the phone is sturdy, it is quite bulky. Some people have complained about the expensive activation fee of $ 35.

Cell phone plans cheaper would certainly be a further advantage when buyers would be the elderly, who may not have a disposable income. Therefore, cell phone plans are affordable? Although operator-assisted calls and voice mail service are free with the annual plan, those who choose other plans lose five minutes of talk time, every time they make a call with operator assistance. Voicemail can be activated by paying $ 3 a month. Therefore, the additional features that come with a price. The people also believe that payment plans As-You-Go is not feasible at all. Some people have complained about the battery indicator discreet. There have been complaints about service plans and billing. Many users seem to be very upset with their customer service unsatisfactory.

This was a brief review of the Jitterbug cell phone. Now that you have an idea about the Jitterbug phone features, you may be able to decide if this phone works for you or not. Note that this phone has received mixed reviews, and many have criticized its customer service. Check out its features and see if you can really meet your needs Jitterbug before finding one for yourself. You should also look around to other mobile phones simple, such as Just5 cell phone, Nokia 6085, high value Tracfone cell phone, ClarityLife C900 and 326i Doro Easy to handle. Do a little research about each of these basic phones for seniors, along with their monthly or annual plans. This is to ensure that they take an informed decision.


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